Registration of Intent

To make your interest in the MRP 2019 task known and to receive updates on data and software, please self-subscribe to the mailing list for (moderated) MRP announcments.  The mailing list archives are available publicly.  To obtain the training data for the task, please (a) make sure your team is subscribed to the above mailing list and (b) fill in and return to the LDC the no-cost license agreement for the task.  We may ask for a mildly more formal registration of candidate participants in early June, as the evaluation period nears (please see the task schedule and below; more information to come).

System Development

Evaluation Period

The evaluation period of the task will run from Monday, July 8, to Monday, July 22, 2019.  At the start of the evaluation period, we will make available the evaluation data (in the same format as the training graphs).  Participants will be expected to prepare their submission by processing all evaluation files using the same general configuration of their parsing system.  Parser outputs have to be uploaded in the MRP common interchange format, for which there will be a basic validation service. 

Publication of Results

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