Contact Addresses

There is a moderated mailing list for task participants (or candidate future users of the data and evaluation software).  All interested parties are kindly asked to self-subscribe to this list.  The archives of the mailing list are open to the public, as the list is intended both for updates from the organizers and for general discussion among participants.

Additionally, the organizers of the MRP 2019 parsing task can be reached at the following address:

News & Updates

April 9, 2019
New information has been added to the task web site, including a description of the uniform serialization; a public sample of sentences annotated in all frameworks; and the no-cost evaluation license for access to the training data.
March 6, 2019
The initial task web site is on-line, and the first call for participation has been posted to major mailing list.  Please sign up for the task mailing list to receive continuous updates.

Task Co-Organizers


We are grateful to the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration for their support to the Nordic Language Processing Laboratory (NLPL), which provides technical infrastructure for the MRP 2019 task.

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